Your dog is missing

1. The time is precious, do not wait for the dog to get back on his own!

1. The more time passes, the less are the chances to find your dog. As soon as you notice the dog is missing go out to search for him.
2. Usually lost dogs happen to be not far away from home, in about a kilometer radius. Call him, do not hesitate to ask neighbors and by-passers.
3. You should also go searching at night, when it’s quiet, there is less traffic and people on the streets.
4. You should put a bowl of food and water in several places in the area, and something that bares the scent of the house. If the dog is confused, frightened, or can’t find the way home, it could draw him to the spot. The place must be safe, distanced from any roads.
5. If you are getting help from people whom the dog does not know, instruct them not to run towards the dog if they see him. You should not rush towards the dog either, while stressed the dog can panic and run away. Sit down and call him.
6. When the printed ads are ready, you should have a copy with you. Approach everyone who walks a dog and ask them to take a picture of it or give them a copy.

2. Make sure your dog's chip number is registered

Make sure the dog’s microchip number is registered in the country dog database, with the current address and phone number. Chip number consists of 15 digits, it should be written on vet passport, and at the vet clinic. If you have the chip number you can check the registration yourself, on the web site of the ministry of agriculture.

3. Notify the city call center 106

Calling 106 you should:
1. Open a lost dog record, leaving your contact information and the description of the dog.
2. Check if they received calls about any roaming, found or injured dogs.
It’s worth calling at least daily, since the call center is busy with other things, and they may not match one call to another.

4. Publish a lost dog ad

* Mention the sex, size and age of the dog as well as its main colors.
* Mention whether there is a microchip, no need to publish the number itself.
* It’s worth offering a reward, and mention if dog has health issues and needs medical treatment.
* Ask to take a picture of the dog, it might save you a lot of time and effort and help you concentrate the resources in the right area.
* Put at least two phone numbers and ask to call at any time.

It’s worth publishing the ad on:
1. Your Facebook page (and other social media) so that your friends would share the same post, instead of creating multiple posts that would be harder to track.
2. On the group for lost and found animals. It is a closed group, it may take several hours until you are approved to join.
2. On the ads site
3. On Facebook in groups related to your city, write down the city name in the search box. If friends can help you with that ask them.
4. Frequently there are neighborhood Whatsapp groups, ask people who are walking with dogs.
5. If there is an animal welfare organization in your city, ask them to share your post on their media. Notify them about your dog.

On the publication, as to call you instead of writing comments. However, you will need to track comments anyway, ask your friends to help you with that.

Printed ads are the most effective! Better to have color printing, of А3 or А4 size. Tiling them on streets, beware that you might be subject to fines. Try to put them on the special add boards, but otherwise the more you put the better.

You should track the places where you put the ads, so that you could remove them easily afterwards.
Use an application like mapstr. If other people help you with adds, this application would allow them to see where ads were put and concentrate on other areas.

You should also put adds in:
* City kennel, any animal shelters in your area
* Veterinary clinics
* Pet food stores
* Ask businesses in the area, some would agree to place an add

5. If your dog has no microchip

You have to visit city kennel and shelters on at least a weekly basis and look for your dog.
According to the law, a dog whose owners were not found, can be euthanized 11 days after he was found.
In rare cases, microchip is hard to find and as a consequence is not read.
You should monitor adoption and sale publications on the internet.

6. If you suspect that the dog was stolen

1. Mention the amount of the reward, it should be higher, than the amount your dog can be sold for.
2. Try to find surveillance cameras in the area and get the recordings.
3. Ask people, someone must have seen something, offer a reward for helpful information.
4. Some private investigators claim to help searching for lost dogs. (Not sure it’s worth the money though)

7. What you should spend the money on

If you are short with money at the moment, spend it on printed ads.
You can also pay Facebook for promotion of your post, it is possible to limit it to a certain geographical area.

8. Do not lose hope

A lot could happen:
Someone might have found the dog and taken him home with best intentions.
The dog could find a place with food and water and could be hiding during the day hours.

We wish you the best of luck!