Dear friend,
Our shelter exists due to volunteers and private sponsors who make regular monthly contributions.
We fall short of resources needed for the amount of animals in the shelter.
Current funds allow us to survive, and barely keep our head “above the water”.
We do not compromise on qualify food and veterinary treatments, which periodically creates five digit debts at the vet clinic, and four digit debts at food suppliers.
But we cannot afford to spend enough on advertisement of animals for adoption, to hire a dog trainer who could help some dogs become adoptable, do the necessary repairs, hire a worker who is desperately needed.
As of January 2020, 43 people support our shelter. Would you like to become the 44-th?


How much money do we need?

Our shelter needs about 40000 nis a month (about 11000 usd)
To buy high-quality food, provide veterinary treatment, do the necessary repairs, hire a behaviorist to work with problematic dogs, pay for the advertisment. Today we do not compromise on food quality and veterinary treatments, that’s why we end up with debts at the vet clinic. But we have to cut the other expenses. So at the moment, we cannot afford to provide help for additional animals or increase the chances of our animals to find homes.
In more detail the expense plan appears on our financial report under the “monthly plan” column.

How much donations we receive today?

As of May 2019 we receive an average of 6800 nis a month (about half are recurrent donations).

What do we spend the money on?

The expenses are listed in the financial report grouped by categories.

What is the official status of the shelter?

The shelter operates under “Rishon Loves Animals” a registered non-profit organization (580394146) started in 2002.
The donations are sent to organization’s bank account. The organization has the “proper management” certificate for 2018. Organization’s financial reports can be found on the web site

Is it possible to get tax deduction for the donation?

Unfortunately not.
We plan to try to make it possible for Israel residents only in the upcoming year.

What are the commissions?

Bank transfers are commission free.
PayPal charges about 5%, more the donated amount, less the commission.

How can I get a receipt for the donation?

With PayPal or credit card payments the receipts are sent automatically to your e-mail.
You can request a receipt any time, by filling the following form: