The adoption policy

We do our best to match between the family lifestyle and dog’s or cat’s needs.

The adoption process starts with a meeting at the shelter, where you can see the dog or cat in the environment the animal is used to. You can see the animals character and behavior and we are there to provide an answer to any questions you might have.

The second step is a meeting at your home, we discuss safety issues and how to prepare the home for a new member. In the case of dog adoption, this could also be the first meeting with the dog trainer.

The adoption happens at the vet clinic, where the animal is inspected and given any necessary treatments. This is also an opportunity to ask the vet any questions related to animal’s health care, nutrition, etc. The paperwork and the payment are done at this point.

We are always available for consulting and are happy to stay in touch. We hope it does not happen, but in a case when the family cannot take care of the adopted dog or cat the animal is always welcome back at the shelter.


We provide a set of discounted services for the adopted dog, including:

– Two individual meetings with a dog trainer (we work with Masha Kotlik)
– spaying and neutering, which is obligatory.
– a microchip
– rabbies vaccine
– one to three hexagon vaccines, depending on the age of the dog
– deworming
– a single spirocerca lupi preventive treatment

Not included: the license fee required by the law, collar and leash.


The adoption includes:

– spaying and neutering, which is obligatory.
– two vaccines for the kittens and once vaccine for adult cat
– deworming

We require safety nets to be installed on windows and balconies, to prevent the tragic cases of injuries & deaths that unfortunately happen regularly.


As part of the adoption process an agreement with Rishon Loves Animals organization is signed by the owner.