About us

Welcome to our shelter!

The shelter is located in Rehovot, Israel and takes care of dogs and cats.

The shelter functions under the non-profit organization Rishon Loves Animals (№ 580394146). The main project of the organization is finding homes for dogs from the regional municipal kennel where they face the threat of euthanasia. Volunteers hold adoption events every Saturday in the sport-kef park of Rishon Le Zion.

The shelter functions on voluntary basis, is funded from donations and personal income from it’s founder. At the moment our shelter is undergoing a financial crisis. We are urgently looking for sponsors and volunteers.

The shelter contains more animals that we can afford at the moment. In 2017 our resources to help more animals are almost exhausted, and our animals deserve better conditions to be kept at.

Some of the dogs and cats in the shelter are friendly, healthy and ready for adoption. We are looking for families that consider animals to be members of the family. In happy times and in hard times. Member of the family that will never grow up, will always be dependent, will become ill once in a while, will misbehave sometimes.

If you are considering adoption of a dog or a cat and can get to Rehovot you are welcome to visit our shelter. More information about the adoption process can be found here. We are happy for everyone who found a loving home.

In the reality where every day animals are suffering and dying on the street from hunger, wounds and illnesses, where municipal kennels and some shelters are putting down thousands of healthy animals, where the authorities on the large scale are ready to fund only the last shot for the homeless animals.
In this reality every shelter faces a tough decision. When the shelter capacity is reached and the resources are used beyond their limits either to close the doors for coming animals or to start putting down those in the shelter.

We are a no-kill shelter and for this reason we do not accept animals from the public, either found or coming from homes. If you found a homeless animal, or actually if the animal was lucky enough to find you, the best changes are that you are his/her best and probably the last chance to get help, even if nobody prepared you for this moment.