Welcome to our shelter’s website!

Here, you can fall in love with a four-legged friend and find a companion for life. You can also find useful information about taking care of cats and dogs, read about our daily life, and get directly involved in helping animals by becoming a volunteer (at the shelter or remotely) or by becoming our regular sponsor.

The shelter was established in 2006 with the aim of saving and assisting animals in distress. Unfortunately, the situation with stray animals in Israel is such that, on one hand, there are many animals needing help, but on the other, there are catastrophically few willing to adopt them due to the overpopulation.

We firmly do not euthanize healthy animals, so the shelter is always full, and we have to refuse admission of new animals to people who have found a dog or cat. However, we are happy to offer advice and assist in any way we can to those who decide to take full responsibility for helping the foundling by taking it home.

I assume you love animals, but perhaps you are unaware of the degree to which this love is lacking in our world. Compassion and love for animals are precious gifts. The more people who possess and act on this gift, the better the world around us will be.